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• Why buy or restore a wooden boat?

Wooden boats have a completely different feel about them. They move through the water very well. Especially in the case of the lapstrake construction, which actually create bubbles of air under the boat. This in terms acts like "air ballbearings ." Wooden boats stay warmer on cold days and cooler on hot days. Most of all they are a thing of beauty, an heirloom.

• What maintenance is required with a wooden boat?

Most maintenance involved with a wooden boat is preventative. The sun does the most damage, therefore, a good cover goes a long way in saving time down the road. Damage is inevitable on any boat. Comparatively, repair work on a wooden boat is much more pleasant and can be done more easily by the average skilled person.

• How long does it take to build a kit?

Of course it depends on the design. Our current run, the Mckenzie 16.5, is estimated at 200-300 hours. It all depends on your skill level.

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